Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp

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Rolf Kipp is a Double Diamond Manager with Forever Living Products. In fact, he is the ultimate Forever Living Products and network marketing success story. Few distributors have ever achieved the type of success he has, regardless of which company they worked with. Here are a few quick facts about Rolf Kipp:

  • According to several internet reports, he is the number 7 income earner in the entire network marketing industry, earning nearly six million euros per year
  • He is the number one Forever Living Products distributor in Europe
  • His largest monthly check with the company was 900,000 euros
  • It took him about a year and a half to get real serious about his business
  • He learned about Forever Living Products from his parents
  • He has more than 2 million distributors in his downline
  • He is a Double Diamond Manager with the company
  • He joined the company in 1995
  • He was born in 1964
  • He lives in Germany with his wife and children

Coincidence or destiny?

I don’t believe in coincidences in life. it is not by chance that you’re reading this book. And it was not a coincidence that I got to know forever. Sometimes strange things have to happen before we take a different path or change course.

When I read the newspaper article about forever living products, my mother had a kidney disease and had been a dialysis patient for many years. My father had cancer. That is, two people who meant the world to me, and who have now passed on were fighting health problems.

The whole family, all my friends and relatives, were always looking for something that could help my parents and prolong their life. That’s when I stumbled upon the forever products.

I sent a fax to the US wanting to know more about the company. The next day Friedhelm Rücker called me and said, “We want to start the forever business in Germany. If you’re up for it, then just drop by.” We arranged an appointment in their frankfurt office, which at that time was still under construction.

The Most Beautiful Business on Earth

How to be successful with Forever Living Products.

Everyone has the same chance I had. – Rolf Kipp

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